Our studio is an all-in-one
destination for design where
creativity meets innovation.

We are the master craftsmen of creativity, a design, data, and digital studio that transforms imagination into reality. With an artistic flair that knows no boundaries, we weave enchanting textiles, set the trends in fashion, elevate spaces with exceptional interior design and curate striking visuals to enhance usability for crafting seamless experiences in applications. Innovation fuels the core of Whim's essence.

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We are a Design, Data, and Digital Studio.

We transform creativity into solutions by using time tested and innovative technologies. We create anything that is best fit for building a resilient society driven needs of tomorrow. We apply creativity with contemporary technologies like AI, Blockchain, Web3 or anything that may support building a vision behind an idea.

Whim is sudden, Whim is a change of mind driven by positivity, Whim is unusual and spontaneous thinking, Whim is finding joy in doing unexplained.

"Our creativity is built on a whim"

We at Whim are creative thinkers. We are artists who deeply believe in science. We believe art is the basis of every innovation and invention. We believe in the role of creativity to discover new possibilities. We are the painters, writers, theorists, architects, inventors, philosophers, and scientists working towards building a vision.


Learning never exhausts the mind and creativity is a phenomenon whereby something new and valuable is formed. We at whim believe simplicity in a solution is the ultimate sophistication a technology should deliver.

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Our design services

We offer a wide range of design services through strategic divisions to organize its operations and cater to different client needs.

User Experience UX/ UI Design

User Experience UX/ UI Design

Enhancing user experiences, to ensure that digital products and interfaces are intuitive and aesthetically pleasing.

Data Analytics and Insights Design

Data Analytics and Insights Design

Utilizing data analytics to understand user behavior and preferences, we optimize designs for maximum impact.

Textile Design

Textile Design

Creating innovative and captivating textile designs for various industries, including fashion, home decor, and upholstery.

Fashion and Accessories Design

Fashion and Accessories Design

Specializing in fashion design and accessory creation, dedicated to setting trends and producing cutting-edge designs for clothing, footwear, and accessories.

Interior Design

Interior Design

Transforming spaces, this division offers interior design services for residential, commercial, and hospitality projects.

We have structured services more effectively and cater to the diverse design needs of our clients. Each of our divisions has its specialized team of designers, experts, and resources, creating a well-rounded and comprehensive design studio. Additionally, cross-functional collaboration between these divisions fosters creativity and innovation across the organization.


Check Out Our Technologies

Ai, DLT & Robotics

Big Data Analytics

Cloud Technologies

Digital Currencies

Digitized Energy Systems

E- Transport

3D Printing

Connected real-time services

Digital Twins and Metaverse

Digital Arts and music

Digital marketing and advertising

Augmented and Virtual Reality


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We have our teams based in the Europe and Middle East Markets. Contact us for collaboration and services by providing details in the following form.

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